Rock Solid Kastellorizo 2023 proudly presents The Trail Running Film Festival

The Trail Running Film Festival started in March and runs through August, and we’re excited to offer a screening at the Rock Solid Kastellorizo 2023. With over 60 local events and virtual watch parties, this is one of the most vibrant film festivals in the sport. What could be better than sitting down with fellow trail running enthusiasts and enjoying this screening?

This feature will showcase 9 selected films that are, of course, all about trail running. The films challenge traditional perspectives, celebrate diversity, and confront climate change.

Here's the full list of films screening at this year's Trail Running Film Festival:

  • From The Shadow Of A Mountain by Alex Massey
  • Solo by Ellie Green
  • Chasing Crazy by Lady Mountain Films
  • Run Free by Ethan DeLorenzo
  • The Reality of Running by Milo Zanecchia
  • Faith in the Future by Adam Wells and Ryan Scura
  • Footprints Running Camp by Max Romey
  • Nettie From Ohio by Jessica Vandenbush
  • Out Trails by Nick Danielson

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